Why use multipurpose steel doors? 


Steel doors are ideal in commercial and industrial projects. The strength and consistency of industrially produced doors offers low maintenance, durability and security compared to timber. Variety of finishing and glazing options gives design flexibility. Optional woodgrain finish offers the texture and aesthetics of timber, with the strength of steel.

Often used in: factories, offices, high-rise residential, hotels, hospitals, shopping centres, warehouses.   

✔ Single and double doors

✔ Long-lasting and low maintenance

✔ Strong and secure

✔ No warping with temperature and moisture

✔ Quality hardware as standard

✔ Design flexibility 

✔ Glazing options for light and visibility

✔ Louvers optional for cross-ventilation

✔ Woodgrain finish for the elegance of timber with the strength of steel

✔ Often used alongside fire doors and scientific doors



Hörmann multipurpose steel doors: